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NIPOM actively participates in projects of power facility construction and reconstruction. The priority of the company is a reliable and affordable supply of electricity not only to businesses, but to all households. In 2013, NIPOM participated in the construction of a distribution substation (RP-19) “Novaya” in the city district of Zvenigorod, Moscow region. RP-19 “Novaya” is a unique distribution substation being built in close proximity to the main feeding center of the area – Substation No. 584 of MOESK JSC. The substation is designed to receive and transmit to the municipal mains power from the modern high- efficiency GTU-CHPP “Zvenigorod" with electrical capacity of 18 MW. Another important task solved by building RP-19 is complete renewal of out-of-date equipment.

The construction of RP-19 “Novaya” was a further step to achieve an increase in the reliability and uninterrupted power supply to residential areas of Zvenigorod


Description of the Project

This distribution substation is based on modern, highly reliable equipment: 6(10) kV KRU package switchgears manufactured by NIPOM. When designing metal electric supply enclosures, NIPOM took into account the customer's requirements for durability, moisture resistance, frost resistance, seismic resistance and fire safety of the equipment.

Our vast accumulated experience, use of modern materials and technologies allowed us to make such a distribution substation, which is well blended into the architectural appearance of the city without disturbing its integrity. The structure made of metal modules has an anti-vandal design, which ensures high reliability, significantly extending the service life.


RP-19 “Novaya” supplies power to the existing loads and consumers, and has a large number of redundant cells. This allows, on the one hand, to connect new transformer substations (TS) to be built to supply power to new areas, on the other hand, to lay additional feeders from the feeding center, thereby enhancing the reliability of electricity supply.

“Zvenigorod Generation Energy Company” LLC, Russia

Summary information

Electricity reception and distribution

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