and manufacturer
of electrical equipment

Project description

NIPOM carried out a packaged delivery, including the design, production and commissioning of a modular distribution transformer substation (BRTP) for the power supply of a group of cottage settlements.

Equipment includes:

1. A 12000*6000*3200 modular building with utilities (heating, ventilation, grounding, security and fire alarm system) made of 100 mm sandwich panels.

2. Cubicle switchboards (KRU) – 18 cubicles.

3. A 20 A multi-purpose microprocessor control current cabinet (ShOT-UM) with a backup time of 30 minutes to power the secondary circuits of the cubicle switchboards.

4. A cabinet for a GPRS-enabled automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal accounting.

5. A telemetry cabinet for switching device status data collection and transmission.

Group of cottage settlements/Housing Response, OOO

Summary information

Complex development of territories, design and construction of country houses, sale of land plots and ready-made country houses in the Kstovo district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

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